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Are you on long term medication to avoid the symptom of Heart Attack?

Blockages leading to poor blood flow?  Breathlessness and pain in chest?

Have you been detected with one or more blockages?

Did you have a heart attack in the near past or have been told that you are under the threat of one?

Did you undergo an angioplasty prescribed by the cardiologist or as a part of routine check up and reports show one or more blockages?

Have you undergone CABG or Byepass surgery and the pain has returned?

In-spite of stent procedure, has the blockage re-surfaced?

Restenosis (re-formation of blockages, plaque deposits and/or atherosclerosis within the blood vessel) has emerged as the one biggest threat to patients within few weeks to few years after angioplasty or even byepass. Pain, breathlessness, angina, weakness are commonly known symptoms of heart disease.



Colostrum is pre milk secretion produced in the breast of mammals immediately after birth of child. Reimmugen Cow-colostrum is a total natural product, used as nutritional supplement containing immunoglobulin IgA, IgE, IgM, IgG, IgD, PRPs, Lactoferrin, Transferrin, Interferons, Cytokines, Growth Factors like bFGF, vFGF, IGF  I & II & Angiogenesis growth Factor, Endothelial growth Factor, Nerve growth factor, PDGF, natural Vitamins and Minerals which help in developing collateral circulation apart from other effects.  References are noted in Ayurvedic scripts as GOW-PIYUSH.

Cow Colostrum has proved to be a powerful Immunity modulator. It enhances the body immunity to repair, rejuvenate, protect from viral attack, gut health, early recovery from diseases, build bones and blood.

Reimmugen on its own is used as the most preferred tonic for muscle building; revival of digestive tract; blood purification, children health as protection from weakness, constant unknown fever, tummy upset and growth disorders.


Clinical Studies can be found :


Chhinkni - Tobacco Free Snuff


Chhinkni -                                            FAST ACTION….INSTANT RELIE...IN AS LITTLE AS 10 SECONDS…. 

 Relieves dryness and irritation of the nose due to cold and dry weather. A unique herbal preparation with an equally unique dosing technique that provides instant relief from nasal congestion, cold, and headache.

Chhinkni contains menthol, camphor and eucalyptus oil which are proven for their decongestant effect. It is ideal for providing relief from itching and dryness of the nose due to extremely dry and cold weather.

INDICATIONS: Cold and runny nose Migraine Nasal Congestion Respiratory allergies Sinusitis 

COMPOSITION: Eucalyptus Oil Illiachi Khurd (Elettaria cardamomum) Kafoor (Cinnamomum camphor) Sandal Surkh (Pterocarpus santalinus) Sate Podina (Mentha piperita) Dosing 

TECHNIQUE: Take about pea-sized amount of powder and sniff it in, making sure the powder reaches the inside of the nostril till the tip of the nasal bone. This will induce a series of sneezes by the end of which you will feel relieved and refreshed. 

WARNINGS: Due to its instant effect which results in a series of sneezes, individuals with high blood pressure, cardiac complications or any other related health risks are advised to consult a physician before use